Hannibal Lecter, a well known fictional character depicted in the motion picture Silence of the Lambs, was a prominent and sophisticated psychiatrist who killed and ate many of his victims with interesting and classy recipes.This motivation was spawned by witnessing the cannibalization of his young sister Mischa in Lithuania during the Second World War.In the case of the infamous Russian serial killer Andrei Chikatilo, a very real and terrifying individual, murdered and ate the children he met loitering near trains.

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By humanizing these criminals, we can study the psychology of murder and ultimately attempt to prevent future serial killers from terrorizing society. In other cultures, the act of cannibalism has been seen as a rite of passage, a religious theme, or simply as a means to survive.

In the mentally ill, those who commit cannibalism have no bearings, for the “killers” have no understanding of right or wrong.

With chemical imbalances or inherited lunacy, the mentally ill have no ability to stop.

A corpse to the sane population could be a delicious meal to the insane person.

Formally called anthropophagi, cannibalism literally means the eating of one animal by another animal.

But what are humans, without our distinctive opinions and intelligent thought processes?

We are animals, killing other animals to satisfy our taste for meat.

The motive for cannibalism interests many people, the vast majority of the public longing for a believable reason.

The most compelling and perhaps acceptable purpose for killing and eating another human is starvation.