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D., advocates for minimally-invasive surgeries and procedures that result in faster recoveries and cost savings for eligible patients. Palutsis’ patients return to work and active lives within a few weeks of surgery -- even after total hip replacements. Palutsis’ non-traditional specialties include minimally invasive, two-incision hip replacements, and custom knee implants using 3-D imaging that enables precise measurements of the knee for exact bone cutting and minimal impact.

As a Sports Medicine fellowship-trained surgeon, Dr.

Palutsis embraces minimally invasive surgery in nearly all aspects of surgery, including endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery and advanced arthroscopic surgery.

We understand how important your clients are and being a reliable agency-partner capable of extending your internal team and controlling the production process from start to finish has proven to be a powerful combination.

Spectrum’s web-to-print solutions provide franchises and nationally distributed companies with effective solutions for scaling the control over their campaigns and providing critical brand management functions as thousands of users procure marketing materials and digital assets.

Children on the waiting list will be notified June 14 if there is an available spot.

If you do not receive an acceptance letter your child is on the waiting list.

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