Italians aren’t the only ones that have some issues with salt….Some Buddhists say you should toss some over your should when you come back home from a funeral, because evil spirits might be hanging on your back.

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One of my most vivid memories of learning the Italian language was trying a dish I’d never heard of called “prosciutto e melone.” Basically – it was a piece of cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto, commonly served cold or room temperature as an appetizer. There’s a saying in my family regarding clothing and accessories.

The sweet & salty notes of two foods I had never considered combining were incredible! For example, when you score an outfit that is super unique, my momma or grandmother would say something like: “Well, you definitely won’t meet yourself comin’!

That experience was one of two inspirations for this unique campfire breakfast idea! ” It pretty much means – you’re not gonna meet someone out that looks just like you.

This particular score is not an entire outfit, but it is the exact same type of “unique find.” Mad Pax is a company that specializes in backpacks & lunchboxes that could... Pick 3 drinks (a clear or white, a red, a blue) that have 3 different levels of sugar. Obviously, Clear Glasses or Plastic Cups & Ice (see “Ideas” below) Pour in This Order: 1 Ice 2 Highest Sugar Drink 3 Medium Sugar...

I saw this on the internet at some point, and decided to give it a try. It’s a science experiment, patriotic lesson, and tasty treat all rolled into 1 recipe that might make a memory for kids AND adults alike! I haven’t blogged in a while, and that fact is the basis of today’s blog. I learned that thinking face from my Momma & my Granny. All you need are some non mutant peppers & some omelete-like ingredients.

As I type, I am seeing a reflection in the computer screen, and there are lovely little lines between my eyes on my forehead…… I am smoothing it out now & trying to consciously get rid of them physically & emotionally – - – I must have a lot on my mind. You probably think it’s an oximoron, but Campfire Quiche is classy AND rustic.

(And not processed….) This has become one of the favorite breakfast item around the campfire. A lot of the conversations and stories I recall from my time in Italy include the subject of superstition.

It’s come in handy a few times, because it’s packed with nutrients you need for a hike or an active day around the camp site! I served it with slices of watermelon & it really hit the spot. What I learned: Basically, if you spill some salt – - Toss some more salt over your left shoulder, because you may have exposed yourself to bad omens.

Have you recently come into a large amount of old rulers? A quick way to make a funky surface on a desk, night stand, end table, kitchen table, kitchen island……. What You Need: A bunch of rulers – all kinds, all colors – preferable wooden without the metal edge.