I also sent a recorded written letter of confirmation to the address stated in the Terms and condition. So there are ways that you can cancel your subscription. When calling their call center they are like robots, stating they don't have a management team.It is a shame that the education level that is handle by their call center. I am separated woman and tried to use e Harmony dating site for meeting and dating but in first step it asked about my marriage status which is reasonable and it has several options, single, divorced, separated.I answered separated and immediately it kicked me out by sending this message: "unfortunately you are not single and can't use this dating site"!!!

I do not think there are enough members in my area. If not, then I am meant to be single for a reason, because there are better things to come off my life beside finding a boyfriend. writing this review after spending an entire day creating a profile on this e Harmony website, and finally getting guts to pull out my credit card and pay for a decent account to start some activity.

I also think these people are too picky, too busy to date or these are not real people at all. I live in an area where there are tons of married, living together couples or people that are either too young or too old. I do not want to go on a date and someones says "Is that your son" or "Is that your grandfather". And before going to bed, looking how to cancel my account. The first thing that happens is you get sales agents trying to market their product/service.

Maybe these people are made up or the women that work for the company husbands and their friends laughing that so many women are alone on their Friday nights while getting our hopes up then canceling to meet up for a live date. Two reasons I paid today: 1) because you're not offered any decent services with the free version and 2) before midnight of the 3rd business day I can cancel and get a refund. Unfortunately, they don't even know what they're selling.

Tomorrow morning I'm calling to cancel and try to get a refund since it hasn't been 3 business days from my first payment.

They don't even offer this as an online option - you have to call.

"You may cancel your subscription purchase at any time prior to midnight of the third business day following the date of purchase to receive a full refund. I choose to cancel my e Harmony within the 14-day legal limit.The easiest way to have your subscription refunded is to give us a call at 844-544-3179 (US & CA Residents Only)."The next thing I'm doing is canceling my credit card and issuing a new one because what I read in other reviews is that people are still getting charged even after canceling. Free apps on your phone are more interesting, fun and useful (and will stick with geographic specs you set... I saw an ad promising free communication all weekend of the 4th of July so I filled out the profile, but was not able to log in or see anyone or communicate with anyone. I paid for my subscription through Paypal who were very good in cancelling my standing order arrangement and then requesting from e Harmony for a refund. Screen printed the cancellation and my card was still charged.So after filling in all the information, building my profile and getting excited, hoping to meet interesting people and hopefully a partner, and setting a range of 200Km (should come with special offers on plane tickets) I get 4 matches... I asked so many questions and they just couldn't answer.They're just hired to make you get your credit card out.And plans offered, the way the packages are set up is to make you go for the "best" option which is of the same price than all other useless packages.Never buy something if the sales agents themselves don't know about it and don't have enough information.