i will be waiting for your mail as soon as possible regards Bayo Morrin.weird: I've never heard of anyone pre-paying residential rent.

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please confirm the price for the 4months duration,also payment will me made in UK,please do not hesitate to ask any question if there is any. but i think i should be able to trust you with my balance. I need you to send me $25 ASAP so I can take the cheque.

i will be waiting for your mail as soon as possible. Paul Makepeace wrote: Hi Bayo, Four months = 720 * 4 = 2880 One month's deposit = 720 (returnable when you leave of course). My only concern is that if you want it from July 1 then the room will be empty for two weeks (now 'til then). the reason why i am doing this is that it will take a check sent from over here in U. A, 32days to clear over there, whereas check sent from within the UK would clear tops within 3days because immediately you receive it you are going to take it to the cashing point or deposite it . We could use Western Union International transfer or a US paypal account or similar.

I will also use part of the balance to move from my present location to your place and some of my belongings,so if my terms are acceptable to you,i will like you to deduct the western union international transfer charges from my balance as give me your full name address and phone numbers so that i can instruct my uncle to make out the check to you. It's just a small amount, no-one should worry, but it would help me out cashing the cheque. Cheers, Paul And that's where we leave our story for now... If you're dying for more, check out the 419 scambaiting site where they have 419'ers perform silly tricks... Hey Paul Nice one, I got one going on right now too, and will post that to my blog! My one involves God, Missionaries, the chruch writing me a cheque, wanting food with the price.......I have got a nice little number in store for 'Pastor Tina' I have one that just started today. says that he is a "legal practitioner" in the UK going on a one year sabbatical. LOL Gonna see if I can get a grand sent as an application/reservation fee.

Recently I've been advertising a room for rent and a few days ago received an eager response via

I was almost immediately suspicious of it, and my intuition proved correct. What follows is an email-by-email account of my conversation with "Bayo Morgan", and how I'm trying to turn the tables on the scammer.

I'll be updating this entry as the conversation progresses... Dear Paul, Thanks for your concern,i appreciate your mail,the price is okay for me i really love the place, please i will want you to get back to me so that we can arrange for fast payment because i really love it.i will appreciate it if you can do everything under your control so as to help me secure this place cos i really like it and i will want you to know that i will be staying for 16weeks starting from july.

(Include links to more scam pranks; have you seen an African guy in a bra? I am interested in your i wish to let you know that i am really interested in renting the place.please get back to me as soon as possible with the price list of per/week or monthly basis rental and also the weeks and months available in this year.please send me in details the health or condittion of the place and also your initial period of rental. please confirm the price for the 16weeks duration,also payment will me made in UK,i will want you to get back to me so that we can arrange for the payment fast because it has been long time that i have been searching for the place.

I think it would be a good idea if you saw the place and we met first. If the person was actually from the UK I think that would've leaked into the conversation somehow. Now I'm sure it's a scam so I kick in with a search engine, looking for the guy's name: wisenut: bayo morgan". Taken from this page on cheque (check) over-payment scam, the target arranges a cheque for the victim. Just skimming those results, "Nigeria country code 234", "234 country code] As a fellow Nigerian, I hate to see the abuse of the internet for cheap money making schemes and SPAM.", there's really no doubt at this point. In the traditional 419 scam (so named as 419 is the code of the Nigerian fraud statutes; read more), the perp asks for a few thousand to lubricate the transfer of several million.

We can arrange the details if everything else works. There's a discrepancy around "arriving assoon as this transaction is through" and "i will be staying for 16weeks starting from july". I have one of my uncle who was oweing my dad ,500pounds before he passed away. One result: Virago Star Owners Club - VSOC News - Scams - Beware. The victim deposits it, it appears in the victim's account whereupon they're pressured into providing the difference. Anyway, let's see if I can speak direct to "uncle": What kind of number is that? (Ironically, I've written a page, how to write a phone number). I'm going to try something similar, have Dear Bayo - This is great, looking forward to it!