Where can I download Data Vault Password Manager for i Phone, i Pad & i Pod touch?Data Vault for i Phone, i Pad & i Pod touch is available exclusively through i Tunes App Store.

trouble updating ipod touch to ios 5-63

Do I have to buy separate copies of Data Vault for my i Phone, i Pad and i Pod touch?

A copy of Data Vault purchased through i Tunes can be run on up to five i OS devices authorized to an Apple ID.

Does the Data Vault license for i OS cover other platform?

Data Vault for Mac, Windows and Android are sold separately.

Search for "Ascendo Data Vault" and tap on the button to download Data Vault. Educational institutions and businesses can receive discounts for volume purchases as described in the Volume Purchase Program for Education and the Volume Purchase Program for Business. Once you get the information out of Keeper, we offer tools in our Data Vault for Mac or Windows to import your data and sync it to mobile versions.

On some older devices, you may be prompted to buy the app again, but tapping on the Buy button will confirm; "You have already purchased this application. In addition, Ascendo offers a competitive upgrade from Keeper Security to Data Vault, email [email protected] more information. You can move most of your data from 1Password to Data Vault using the export and import features available in the desktop versions.

The Data Vault for Mac user guide provides detailed instructions to help you get started.

How do I install Data Vault for other i OS devices without having to repay?

There are two ways of installing Data Vault on additional devices. Start i Tunes on your desktop and click on the icon representing your device.