Anna Kournikova got that in the late ’90s and early 2000s, when she made millions in endorsements and was all over the tabloids, even though she hadn’t cracked women’s tennis’ top ten at the time and hadn’t won a major tournament. The last three women to appear on the cover have been Golf Channel anchor and personality Holly Sonders (May 2013), Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover girl Kate Upton, who appeared with Arnold Palmer (December 2013), and Gretzky.The racist, anti-Israel Williams sisters, at the top of the women’s game, couldn’t get arrested because they were–how do you say it? (Plus the Williams Bros are arrogant and act like the world owes them. Lorena Ochoa was the last player to appear on the cover – in 2008.

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Myers leader Lebanon Michigan Middle East movie movie review Movie Reviews Muslim Muslims New York President Princess Saudi Arabia terrorist United States USA Today USD video Wall Street Journal White House By Debbie Schlussel Ugly LPGA golfer chicks (at least I think they’re chicks but only the gynecologist knows for sure) are upset with Golf Digest for putting model Paulina Gretzky on the magazine’s cover, after a series of other models, like Kate Upton.

These sensible-shoes-endowed golfer feminists are upset that the magazine hasn’t put a female pro golfer on the cover since 2008.

And they’re obviously jealous that good-looking models make it to magazine covers instead of second rate golfers who make a living at it only because they have vaginas for plumbing.

I’ve been quoted in Golf Digest before about the whiny, phony chick golfers.

And I’ve long argued, dating back to my appearances on ESPN and FOX Sports back in 2000 and beyond, that pro sports–especially women’s fake “pro sports”–are showbiz. But we live in a Kardashian, celeb-obsessed, vain society.

Women’s sports is only about who looks good, not who can best do a fourth-rate imitation of a man playing pro sports.Nobody wants to see an LPGA player who looks only slightly better than Janet Napolitano on the cover of a magazine. Scantily-clad models sell, for better or for worse, especially to the target demo of 25-45-year-old males to whom advertisers want to sell golf clubs, resort vacations, and so on.But even women don’t buy magazines with ugly women on the cover.Check out the covers of Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Allure, the next time you’re at the drugstore.Okay, so Glamour and Vogue had Michelle Obama on the cover, but everybody makes mistakes.In any event, nobody cares about who is the best of the bottom 50% of pro-golfers, which is what the LPGA Tour is.